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Our company provides a wide range of audit services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We conduct both statutory and voluntary audits of annual and consolidated financial statements, in accordance with local regulations (UGB) as well as international standards such as IFRS or US-GAAP.

Another area of our expertise lies in risk management consulting, where we assist businesses in identifying and evaluating potential risks. We also specialize in conducting specific audits mandated by corporate law, including examinations related to company formations, divisions, and mergers. Moreover, we are qualified to perform audits under the Takeover Act or the Shareholder Exclusion Act.

Our team also assumes responsibilities in the field of internal auditing by offering comprehensive internal audit services. We support companies in assessing and optimizing their internal control systems. Furthermore, we conduct cost accounting and pricing audits to ensure efficient cost management and appropriate pricing strategies within organizations.

We possess extensive experience in auditing prospectuses to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information contained therein. Our experts also conduct contract audits to evaluate the economic viability of agreements.

In cases of restructuring or reorganization, we assist companies in examining and evaluating restructuring and recovery plans. We analyze proposed measures and assess their likelihood of success.

Additionally, we conduct audits of foundations to ensure they fulfill their statutory purpose and appropriately manage their financial resources. Auditing internal control systems (ICS) is also within our scope of expertise to ensure that companies have implemented effective control mechanisms.

As an additional service, we conduct audits of sustainability reports to ensure transparency and credibility in a company's sustainability disclosures. Furthermore, we possess the competence to verify the proper implementation of EU projects, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations regarding the use of project funds.

Lastly, we would like to highlight that our Managing Partner, Mr. Mag. Günther Prindl, is a certified bank auditor. His professional expertise and experience in auditing financial institutions complement our service portfolio, enabling us to offer comprehensive audit services to our clients.

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