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We assist you in the valuation of companies as well as business and equity interests, particularly in the context of transformations, mergers, and divisions. Furthermore, we provide business consulting services to support you in corporate acquisitions and mergers.

Another focus of our work lies in establishing and organizing internal and external accounting, including group accounting. In this regard, we assist you in developing financing concepts, financial planning, as well as conducting cost-benefit analyses. We also offer operational and industry benchmarking to provide valuable insights into the performance of your company compared to others.

Our consulting services also cover the field of company pension schemes. We are here to advise you on all matters related to company pensions. Additionally, we offer our expertise in the areas of restructuring and insolvency consulting to support you during challenging times.

We also provide interdisciplinary services that enable comprehensive consulting in various business areas. These include services such as due diligence, going public, corporate succession, mergers & acquisitions, and corporate restructuring.

Our experienced team is at your disposal to assist you with your business challenges and offer tailor-made solutions.

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