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Other Services

Our activities also include serving as members of supervisory boards, advisory boards, and foundations, where we contribute our expertise and experience in these bodies. Additionally, we offer comprehensive payroll services, including trustee payments for executives and senior employees.

We also undertake trustee tasks to ensure trust and security in business transactions.

Another core competence of our firm lies in auditing associations to obtain the donation seal of approval. In this process, we review the financial and administrative activities of associations to ensure compliance with standards and guidelines.

Conducting quality assurance audits is also part of our services. We examine internal processes and control mechanisms to ensure that companies operate efficiently and in compliance with legal requirements. Furthermore, we provide specialized audits in the areas of fraud and embezzlement to detect and prevent potential risks.

Our firm also offers IT consulting and IT auditing services. We assist companies in optimizing their IT infrastructure and implementing effective control mechanisms. Additionally, we conduct financial audits to evaluate the economic and financial performance of organizations.

We take pride in offering our clients comprehensive services and supporting them in various business areas. Our experts are available to meet your individual requirements and provide tailor-made solutions.

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